Lesson Plans

My Week 2 lesson was my first solo lesson! I thought it went quite well! I was over prepared but I would rather be over prepared then under prepared. Here is a link to my lesson plan and my slide show. I taught the students about biomes, ecosystems, decomposers, producers and consumers. The students had an opportunity to create a picture of a biome in Canada, with a local ecosystem, and animals and plants that would be found in that environment. You can check out how it went by clicking this link to my video weekly reflection.

In my Week 3 lesson I taught the students some first aid knowledge. I do have a bit of a background in teaching first aid skills as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Here is the link to my lesson. The students were very engaged in this lesson and just wanted to share their war stories. You will hear all about it in my weekly reflection.

In my Week 4 lesson I decided to take a chance on teaching a drama lesson! Here is a link to my lesson. The drama games were to promote focus and cooperation between students. They students did have fun and were engaged with the drama games. It felt I adapted well as we only had the gym space for 30 minutes and used the classroom for the last 15 minutes. There was a lot of pre-thinking for classroom management that needed to be done. Here is my weekly reflection.

In my Week 5 class I did a lesson on Aboriginal war veterans. I thought it was suiting as early in the day the school was having their Remembrance Day ceremony. Here is my lesson plan with a link to the slideshow I used in my lesson. I thought the lesson went really well! The students did not have enough time to quite finish up their posters as half of them left to go to band. My cooperating teacher allowed them extra time the next week to finish them. You can see some of the photos in my weekly reflection here.

In my Week 6 class I gave a lesson on cover letters. Here is my lesson plan.  I feel like it was a successful lesson, and the students were engaged and even had a bit of fun! I went over what goes into a cover letter. Then went over bad examples and had the students critique and correct the mistakes. As a class we looked at a good example of a cover letter from the Government of Canada website. We started to create our own class cover letter but ran out of time! Here is my reflection for this week.

In my Week 7 class I taught a science lesson based on inquiry learning. I was looking forward to doing this as we have learned a lot about inquiry based learning and wanted to see it in action first hand with middle year students. Students were able to experience for themselves what happens when you place folded paper flowers in water. You can view the lesson here. I was only able to do one activity within 45 minutes. I would do one activity per class and would make sure it was a 50-60 minute time slot so there is enough time to go over everyone’s results and have discussions. This week my target was organization. Here is my target sheet and notes from my cooperating teacher.

In my Week 8 class I taught about yoga. I was very excited to do this as a try and practice yoga often. Yoga also promotes mindfulness which is in my teaching philosophy. You can view the lesson plan here. I learned a lot from this lesson as it did not go as planned and I would change so many things! It was such a good learning opportunity. You can view my reflection for this week here. I feel if I was to do this lesson again I would be a lot more prepared and it would be even stronger. I was thankful I was a bit over prepared so I could adjust lesson to where the students were at.