Here are a few of my achievements from my first year in Education:

This is a thank you card from the staff at Walker School. I was so grateful for being allowed to pre-intern there and be apart of that great team. I received invaluable experience that I will never forget.
I was proud to volunteer for the first Gender and Sexual Diversity Camp. It was such a meaningful experience and I was very proud to have helped support this great event.
I was able to participate in my first blanket exercise this year. It was a profound and moving activity. I am so thankful to have been trained by UR S.T.A.R.S.
I am thankful for the opportunity this education has given me. One of the opportunities was to take part in Teaching Treaties in the Classroom. I cannot explain how much more I have learned this year about treaties, Indigenous rights and the current state of affairs. I hope to keep increasing my knowledge and to help my students along with their journey.
I was very honoured to receive this in the mail at the end of Winter semester. I felt like I was hitting my stride and was working hard. This shows that my hard work paid off.










In the Fall semester I was recognized by faculty members or student societies for having made a significant contribution to teaching, learning and/or leadership in their classes, field placements, or in the community.