Introductory Letter:

Dear _______________,

My name is Laura Simpson, and I am writing this letter to introduce myself to you, my cooperating teacher for my pre-internship. I grew up on a farm outside of Moose Jaw, where I attended the elementary school for farm children called Lindale. I chose to go to Albert E. Peacock for high school. After high school, I completed my Bachelor of Social Work through the University of Regina. I have worked a few jobs in the social work area, including most recently becoming an Income Assistance Worker. As an Income Assistance Worker I dealt with a variety of clients, many of whom had not completed their education. It reiterated for me how truly important education is, and I realized that I wanted to make an impact in my community through teaching.

I have always been eclectic in my interests and hobbies. I love to bake, read any kind of book, go hiking, travel, volunteer, coach, swim, and work with media tools. I have always had a passion for physical activities, especially sports. I played as many sports as I could through my schooling career. It lead to me start the process of getting my level 1 certification for coaching volleyball, and I have now coached three seasons of junior girls volleyball and two seasons of club volleyball. My passion for physical activity also inspired me to complete my lifeguard and swim instructor certifications.  As a swim instructor I taught children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Both experiences allowed me to get a different perspective on something I loved to do. I enjoyed the added responsibility and the impact I was making in those children’s lives. I feel these experiences working with children in different environments has given me leadership skills, experience with a variety of ages and abilities, and an introduction into planning. I have also been a volunteer through Big Sisters for 5 years, where. I am a Big Sister mentor to a now 13 year old girl. Finally, I have also been a group leader for the lunch time program Go Girls! Volunteering with this program has influenced me so much with respect to the importance of promoting children’s self-esteem and inclusion, and I want to make sure my classroom will promote this.

I have also had one experience in the classroom itself through my social work practicum with a school counsellor for the Regina Public School system. I worked once a week with the younger grade FIEP classroom. It was an amazing experience to see what a teacher can do and the impact they can make in children’s lives. I am constantly pulled back to that experience, and it motivates me to be the best educator I can be. Although there may be bad or tough days there are also those great days that make it all worth it.

As a pre-intern I am very grateful and excited to be a part of your classroom environment. I am eager to learn, observe, and participate. I feel I have had many opportunities to work with children through work experiences and volunteer experiences that will help me feel comfortable in the classroom, and I hope that I will be able to make a positive contribution to your classroom!

I look forward to meeting you.


Laura Simpson