Contributing to the Learning of Others

Wow. What a semester! Not only did a learn a lot from the class but I learned so much from my fellow classmates! There is some serious talent, dedication and wisdom in this class. Everyone has helped and supported me during this class and I hope I did the same.

I look back now and I know I could have done a lot of things differently. But before I go into that I will showcase some of the ways I contributed to others learning.

I always tried to comment back to those who left comments on my posts. I put a lot of thought into my posts so it was nice that someone else took the time to read it.

Tanya was always so great at giving comments and always had good thoughts! I always tried to match her thoughtfulness in my responses.

I appreciated of when anyone would take the time to look up the extra links I added to resources that I felt helped me. Like in this case:

If you want to check out what Kim was talking about, check out my learning blog post on drawing eyes!

Along with my posts, I tried to engage my classmates by asking questions within my post or get their opinions. I know it is difficult sometimes to come up with a meaningful comment so I wanted to help them as much as i could. I got a great response from the posts that I did do that. Thinking back I probably should have done it more!

For example, in my learning project post about noses I asked for others opinions:

Well ask and you shall receive!

My last example of replying to comments on my post has to do with my post Monica and Amanda. Tanya, Pam and I had a good conversation about this sensitive topic.

Since my classmates took the time to comment on some of my blog posts, I made sure to return the favour. In the case of Jaycie’s excellent post, she allowed me to reflect and think on what we have learned and how technology is viewed in our world.

When your classmates are engaging writers it makes it impossible not to leave a comment or put more questions in your mind. Like Jon’s post on Amanda Todd and Monica Lewinsky. I like his angle of showing what we can learn and even had online stats. We watched the same videos but he had a different angle on it all and it really intrigued me.

Since I want others to see what my classmates are up to and to promote their pages, I have the widget to show what posts I like! Whenever I like my classmates posts, which is quite often, it will show up on my page and hopefully get other viewers to check out their site!

Our google community was always a great place to find great resources, ask questions and help each other out. Most of the time when people had questions, I had no answers for them! So I learned as much from their questions as they did. There were a few times where I was able to help, or shared a great resource.

In this particular instance, I was able to show a neat video on digital identity and social media and attempt to help Chelsey.

There was even the case with Philip Rose and his attention to our blogs, we were able to connect on our google+ community.

Twitter and I are still getting used to each other. I have had a lot of screen time lately and so Twitter sometimes was the last thing on my mind unfortunately. I made a lot of great connections with fellow classmates and to new people from around the world. When I was on twitter I tried to comment on some of the posts my classmates would tweet or retweet them to help them get out into Twitterverse and also tweet any useful articles, resources or new stories.

All in all I owe a great deal to my classmates. They were thoughtful, supportive and resourceful. I tried to give back to them as much as they gave me. I hope I helped make a few more connections for them and broaden their world because we are all in it together!


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