Darlin’, give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair!

My last week before I try and piece all that I have learned together into one self portrait. I have attempted the facial features and have done fairly well. But what was next?

Well I will tell you…


Hair is an embodiment of our personality. It can convey so much by playing with colour, style, length, symmetry and cut. It can be controversial or the same as everyone else’s. It can be a sign of your culture or sign of rebellion against society.

Wow. No pressure here for sketching hair.

I went back to my girl jesciahopper to learn how to draw hair. Long, wavy hair to be specific. Oh man jesciahopper, you make it look so easy. I watched her video first before trying anything. With hair, it is a lot about blending, shading and using your values (which I touched on last week) to create that shadow and highlight.

Something new jesciahopper did with this video was discussing what pencils she was using and explained why. In this particular video, she uses the HB pencil and the 4B pencils with a blending stick. I was happy that she decided to do that because, honestly, up to this point I have been guessing on which pencil to use. I knew there were different grades of them, that is why they had the letter and number on the pencil. No idea what each represented. So I would just make a line with all of them and go from there! If you want to learn more about the grading graphite scale, I would recommend visiting the art website how to draw. It gives a really good explanation on the difference and peoples preferences.

As I started to draw the hair on the person I quickly sketched up, I was realizing how difficult this was to get both the shadows and highlights working together. I did a lot of blending and I tried to use both pencils but it was still not really working out how I hoped. I purposely did the one side first just so I could try different techniques and strategies. With side #1, I liked how it was a bit softer, but up close not sure about the colour and shape. Side #2, I like the highlighting I did and feel it gives it a bit more dimension. I am not that happy with both, but I know with a bit more practice, I think I can get something I am happy with. Comment below on which side you like better and why!

Tune in next week for my biggest challenge yet!

Excuse the face and head shape. I was not really concerned with that aspect for this drawing!

6 thoughts on “Darlin’, give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair!

  1. This looks great! I can only imagine what your final project will look like if you did this first or second try! I remember how challenging blending and highlighting can be, but you seem to have a great skill for it!


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