Tweet, Tweet

I am fairly new to twitter. I just made an account last semester and then did not do much with it until now. My first tweet was for the Saskatchewan Rush game for a contest and that was in January! After that I used it as a volunteer for the Gender and Sexual Diversity half day camp hosted at the University. I really got the feel for twitter then and the connections that could be made. I like twitter as a professional development tool because it allows you to make connections with other teachers and other professionals that extend beyond your community. It helps you keep up to date on news and happenings in the world. It can connect you to many resources and ideas that you would not have known without it. As for twitter in the classroom, I think it is a neat way for parents to see their children at school and what they doing. Twitter in the classroom you need to be careful if you do post pictures of the classroom and think about if students are in the picture. I would use it just for fun activities that were done that day or for homework for the night.

I really enjoyed #saskedchat. It was great to have a conversation about educational topics. I loved reading (or trying to read) everyone’s responses to the questions and seeing their thoughts and perspectives. I think it is a great way for teachers to keep their mind in educational topics and keep their minds in pedagogy. It is great way to look for support and make connections with other professionals. It is great that it is not just Saskatchewan teachers either. k

I want to keep up with twitter. I know this will take some effort, as I am more into reading posts instead of tweeting myself. I think reading blogs and using Feedly will help with me getting connected to related topics, articles and resources that I can share with my ‘followers’.


4 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet

  1. Hi Laura,
    I know what you are saying about Sask Ed Chat. It was fun, but not easy to keep up with all the tweets. I agree to with keeping up with Twitter taking effort. I first got Twitter in 2010 because it was a great tool for the type of work I did. It was overwhelming at first, but you’ll get the hang of it real soon.


    1. I think it you definitely need to have conversations with parents about photographs. I feel like some parents would love to see pictures of their child doing fun activities but others are worried about their internet trail. I feel like I would want to post pictures of classroom and activities but not of students’ faces. Maybe I would just email parents pictures of their student instead so they have control of it.. It is also important to think of the other children in the photo. It all depends on your class and school on what you would feel comfortable doing.


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