Developing a Lesson Plan – Group Activity

I found making a lesson plan with three other people challenging. It is hard to get everyone’s ideas and thoughts out there and molded into one idea. It was nice to have the support and ability to bounce thoughts and ideas off of each other. It was challenging to keep up at times. A few of the group members would get on to the same idea and just go with it while you are still trying to figure out how they started with it.

It was challenging to break down the outcomes and be really specific with our modified indicators. It was challenging to get the modified indicators to reflect the work you wanted to see from the students. We found it hard because everything was quite broad and vague. It was challenging to get that down to one lesson.

I have learned to be more specific with my modified indicators. I learned to think of the prior knowledge of the students also as this will help guide the lesson. I also learned you can go many different directions with one outcome and indicator. All of the groups in the class had the same outcome but ended up examining it all completely different ways.


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