Laura Budd

I really enjoyed this presentation. I have never heard someone’s transition story, in person. Her story really showed that there is good in the world. It talked about the support people can give in surprising times. It taught not to assume reactions from people. She showed that things happen for a reason. It was also very powerful message of love. I know her story was not all easy and happy but I like that these themes did shine through. It was a powerful story of being true to yourself and accepting yourself first.

One of my favourite things about her story was her experience with her sister who was not at first accepting of her transition. Many people are quick to close themselves off when people do not accept them right away. Laura handled it beautifully that if she wanted her sister to accept her as she is and respect her, she show her the same. I think this could be used in many aspects of people’s lives but many cannot do this. Because Laura Budd left the door open for her sister, her sister was still able to come through that door and meet with her.

I left the presentation feeling a bit better about working with students who might be going through this. I know I have a lot to learn and it is my responsibility to educate myself. That is one of my goals coming out of the presentation. It has motivated to make sure I have literature in the classroom that is inclusive of what student’s may be going through. I feel like it is important to have a representation of people who have gone through different experiences, like transitioning in the classroom to not only educate students about this but to maybe help students who are going through something similar make a positive connection.


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