About Me

File_000 (7)Hi! My name is Laura Simpson. I am going into my fourth year of Education at the University of Regina. I am a BEAD (Bachelor of Education After Degree) student. My first degree is in Social Work. I worked for the government of Saskatchewan for 3 years in the Community Living Division and Income Assistance. From working at my jobs, it inspired to me further my education and to make a connection through teaching. I feel like teachers are such important role models and figures in everyone’s lives. I wanted to make that impact in my community.

Outside of school, I love to be outside either biking, hiking, swimming or going for walks around my neighbourhood. I love to play sports and watch sports. After my years of playing sports in a school setting were done, I took up coaching junior girls volleyball. It has opened up my eyes to the other side of sports and I love it! I was also a lifeguard for 9 years which has made a big impact on me. It gave me my first chance to educate the public about safety, water skills and lifesaving skills.

In my spare time I love to bake, read many books and to spend time with my family and friends. I also love to travel to different countries or try to explore our own! I would like to teach in a different country someday but we will see where life takes me!